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ICONS: MolecubeX CS3 Icons from PsyckoKiller

ICONS Just for M2 readers, artist PsyckoKiller has created a great set of Adobe CS4 replacement icons titled, MolecubeX.  The set of 9 icons is available in four flavors: Black or Chrome edges with or without drop-shadows. Visit our Download Archive and grab the entire set!


Posted by coyle on Tuesday, June 03 @ 09:23:06 MDT
ICONS: Kaijubees Icons from PeachPops

ICONS With names like Dashi Dashboard and Fuji Finder, you can' t help but love the new Kaijubees Icons from PeachPops. Created by Melissa Scroggins, the set is inspired by creative Japanese designer vinyl dolls and toys. While you're there don't forget to checkout their desktops!


Posted by coyle on Tuesday, June 03 @ 09:10:11 MDT
DESKTOPS: About a Dozen New Desktops at Time Out Of Mind

DESKTOPS Don Larson at Time Out Of Mind is really diggin the graphics program Apophysi-j. Over the past couple weeks he has created about a dozen new high resolution desktops (1920x1200). Three of the newest are featured below. Stop by his site to view the rest.


Posted by coyle on Tuesday, June 03 @ 09:03:31 MDT
INFO: OpenOffice 3.0 Rocks

INFO In my Documents folder sits a Microsoft Word file. It's a complicated script from a client that contains multiple columns and header tables. It is the benchmark by which I measure programs that claim to offer compatibility with Microsoft Office. Up until now, no program has flawlessly rendered this document - until OpenOffice 3.0.

While still in beta, OpenOffice 3.0 is the first version to natively support Apple's Aqua interface. X11 is no longer needed. The familiar Mac Style is present in all dialog boxes and menus . If you're a student on a budget or a small company having difficulty affording copies of MS Office for every computer, take a look at the OpenOffice 3.0 beta. Once the final version arrives, it can be a true replacement.


Posted by coyle on Monday, May 12 @ 09:23:42 MDT
DESKTOPS: New Desktops and more at Time Out Of Mind.

DESKTOPS Go ahead and count them! You won't believe that Don Larson has posted 15 new desktops at Time Out Of Mind! The fans in his iMac must be working overtime to keep the processors cool.


If you like iTunes, Don used Quartz Composer to make a couple of cool Visualizers. Take a lok at Kover Kubes versions 1 and 2, and pick your favorite.


Posted by coyle on Monday, May 12 @ 09:10:56 MDT
ICONS: New Icon Set from Icontoaster

ICONS 25 System Replacement icons are ready for your desktop at Icontoaster. Named icons-8, this batch is available in sizes up to 512 pixels for Mac, Windows and Linux.


Posted by coyle on Monday, May 12 @ 09:02:33 MDT
DESKTOPS: Always Something New at Vlad Studio

DESKTOPS Since I last mentioned him a few weeks ago, Vlad Studios has added a dozen new desktops to his site. Most feature whimsical little creatures, but also included are several swirling nebulas. Scroll down the page to see which desktops are also available as Desktop Clocks.


Posted by coyle on Monday, May 12 @ 08:52:34 MDT
ICONS: Icons 10 Updated by Icon Toaster

ICONS How would you like to get your hands on over 100 system replacement icons? Yeah, I thought so. Icon Toaster just added to the huge Icon 10 set, and updated with 512x512 images for Leopard! While primarily a dark grey set, I like all the small color accents.


Posted by coyle on Friday, April 25 @ 09:36:24 MDT
DESKTOPS: Mr. Incredible Desktops from Louie Mantia

DESKTOPS Looking strong and proud, Mr. Incredible stares-off into the distance in these two new desktops from Louie Mantia. Stop by the Desktop Page to grab the 1920x1200 images!


Posted by coyle on Friday, April 25 @ 09:32:30 MDT
DESKTOPS: Two New Desktops in the Archive

DESKTOPS Visit the M2 Download Archive and checkout the two newest submissions. On the left is Hollywood Sunset from my drinkin' buddy, Russ Grubbs; and on the right, just in time for the release of Harrison Ford's next movie, is Indiana Tribute by Tim Fehr.

Tim is from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, the home of the great Leinenkugel Brewery. So while we've never had a beer together, I'm gonna think of him this weekend when I enjoy my Leine Red, then we'll sorta be virtual drinkin' buddies. Right?

 04-25-08_Hollywood_Hills_Sunset-125.jpg 04-25-08_IndianaTribute-125.jpg

Posted by coyle on Friday, April 25 @ 09:27:34 MDT
DESKTOPS: April Showers Bring Desktops to Time Out Of Mind

DESKTOPS This week at Time Out Of Mind, Don Larson posted a gaggle of desktop pictures (what does that even mean?). Several of them he created with the Java graphics app, apophysis-j, some are based on photographs, and one was made with Bryce. All will look good on your desktop! Stop by the High Resolution page and give them a gander (what does that even mean?).


Posted by coyle on Friday, April 25 @ 09:08:38 MDT
DESKTOPS: National Geographic Desktops? Who knew!

DESKTOPS National Geographic Magazine always has the most beautiful photos. It turns out that every month, they post about a dozen great ones as desktop pictures! Sizes are available up to 1280x960 and the archive goes back to January of 2007!


Posted by coyle on Tuesday, April 22 @ 09:07:13 MDT
FONTS: Cool "Barnes Erc" Font from dafant

FONTS Head over to dafont and grab the newest font from Eric Wiryanata. it's titled Barnes Erc and sports a funky 3D look. All the letters are CAPS with the lowercase open and the uppercase filled-in.


Posted by coyle on Tuesday, April 22 @ 09:02:30 MDT
ICONS: Fast Icon Posts African Pet Icons

ICONS Just this morning when I was out back feeding my pet elephant, Pinky, I was thinking, "Wouldn't it be great if someone made a series of icons for those of us with African pets?"

Well, Pinky, our prayer has been answered! Fast Icon posted five new icons for those of us with our own personal zebra, hippo, lion, giraffe, and even elephant!


Posted by coyle on Tuesday, April 22 @ 08:56:32 MDT
DESKTOPS: GUINNESS is Good for You, from Studio 52

DESKTOPS This is a great desktop for a Friday afternoon.Iin fact, it's making me damn thirsty! Studio 52 posted a rendered can of Guinness for your computer! (Scroll down a bit for the link)

It reminds me of when I was a baby and my Irish Mum would fill my bottle with the dark elixir. I think I'll have to go pour myself a pint right now!


Posted by coyle on Friday, April 11 @ 13:55:42 MDT
ICONS: Cool CD Icons at Studio 52

ICONS I'll bet most of you kiddies don't remember the "Mamas and Papas", but Studio 52 does, and he made a set of nice looking icons of the bands commemorative CDs. Also on the icon page is Tramont. There are only 4 in the set, but hopefully more will be forthcoming (Wow, I use forthcoming in a sentence!)


Posted by coyle on Friday, April 11 @ 13:46:51 MDT
DESKTOPS: Hollywood from My Ex-friend, Russ

DESKTOPS I hate my buddy, Russ Grubbs. Yesterday, while sheets of rain poured down on a freezing Chicago, he called from his home by Santa Monica's beach to tell me how nice the weather was. Then, as if to rub salt in my wound, he sent some nice desktops he snapped around LA and Burbank.

Today I'm posting the first of these images, Hollywood 08. Please don't download it. Let's send a message to Russ that we don't care about all the beautifully tanned blond women that surround him everyday! We don't need his sunny blue skys and 80 degree weather!


Posted by coyle on Friday, April 11 @ 10:17:00 MDT
FONTS: Ro'Ki'Kier Font From Daniel Zadorozny

FONTS Ro'Ki'Kier, from Daniel Zadorozny at Iconian Fonts, comes with the 14 versions! It's meant to evoke what the future would be like from a 1950s perspective. (Remember, by now we were all suppose to be driving to work in flying cars!)


Posted by coyle on Friday, April 11 @ 09:25:46 MDT
DESKTOPS: Time Out Of Mind Posts Three New Large Desktops

DESKTOPS Don Larson from Time Out of Mind has posted three new 1920x1200 desktops for you to enjoy! We Are Stardust was created using using the Apophysis application.

Not only is Nocturnal Inquisitor a desktop, it's a short story and a GarageBand song! This desktop was also created using Apophysis, a Java graphics app similar to Flame and Oxidizer.

And finally, Other Side Of Wonder is a Bryce image which also has a matching tune.

(I find it interesting when Don releases music to accompany his desktops. When I first look at his image, it conjures a certain feeling, then I'll listen to the song which often reinforces my perception, but sometimes takes me in an entirely different direction. It got me thinking how much more immersive it would be if when you selected a desktop picture from the System Preferences it also played song.)


Posted by coyle on Friday, April 11 @ 09:20:15 MDT
MAKEOVERS: Three New Snapshots Posted

MAKEOVERS Roosta sent a snapshot of his desktop featuring a windmill-farm desktop and a Quicklook movie preview of the best damn sci-fi show ever, Battlestar Galactica. iTunes is playing "Voice Farm", a band he recommends.

i also posted two snapshots of my Linux desktop. In the first, Songbird is playing tunes. This app is a clone of iTunes, and the beauty is not just skin deep. Songbird can import your iTunes library, including song ratings, so all my hours of tweaking didn't go to waste!

The second shows-off Compiz-Fusion, a window manager with tons of eye-candy. Here is a video of it in action. Maybe someday we'll have the option to add some of these features to Mac OS X.


Posted by coyle on Tuesday, April 08 @ 10:04:29 MDT
DESKTOPS: New Desktops at Blurburger

DESKTOPS There must be something about spring that makes a web master want to update the look of his site. Blurburger unveils a new look and some new desktops. Little Chocoby is featured in a couple, Plead da 'elp is previewed in the center, and Fuzzy Feeling rounds out the set. All these cuties are available in sizes up to 1920x1200.


Posted by coyle on Tuesday, April 08 @ 09:13:36 MDT
ICONS: Icontoaster Releases LeoX Icons

ICONS Icontoaster has a new look and new icons to look at! His most recent creation, LeoX, is a system replacement set containing over 50 icons. There is an icon for every need. My favorite, called Amsterdam, has an XXX badge. Now what would I store in there...


Posted by coyle on Tuesday, April 08 @ 09:06:28 MDT
DESKTOPS: Earth Hour Chicago Desktop

DESKTOPS On March 29th, I drove to downtown Chicago to see the city's darkened skyline. From 8 pm to 9 pm, all the major skyscrapers shut off most of their lights. It was eerie. This picture was taken on the Lake Michigan shore between the Shedd Aquarium
and the Adler Planetarium. Earth Hour Chicago is available in two sizes: 1600x1200, 1680x1050.


Posted by coyle on Monday, April 07 @ 09:01:08 MDT
ICONS: New Adobe CD3 Icons form Louie Mantia

ICONS Abandoning the whole 'Periodic Table'-thing, Louie Mantia went back to the original classic icon design with his set for Adobe CS3  (Scroll down a bit to see the set). There are multiple color versions of each app and bonus matching folders!

Posted by coyle on Thursday, April 03 @ 10:03:20 MDT
DESKTOPS: Three New Large Desktops from Time Out Of Mind

DESKTOPS The three newest desktops from Time Out Of Mind are all Super Sized at 1920x1200! Check out the beautiful swirls in Wright Perspective and Horse, or enjoy your own island in Serenity's Essence.

Don's birthday was April 1st (hey, no joking!), so stop by his site and help him blow out his sizable collection of candles!


Posted by coyle on Thursday, April 03 @ 09:25:07 MDT
DESKTOPS: Cute Creatures from Vlad Studio

DESKTOPS A tarsier climbs the neck of a giraffe in the newest desktop from Vlad Studios. As always it's available in a gazillion sizes, most of which are free. In the next desktop in the series, the giraffe eats the tarsier! (I kid, I kid.)


Posted by coyle on Thursday, April 03 @ 09:13:23 MDT
DESKTOPS: Dual Monitor "Basil" and More from Mandolux

DESKTOPS The King of Dual Monitor Desktops, Mandolux, has created several new pairs for your enjoyment. Basil, previewed on top, casts the herb in a new light.

I'm not sure what statement the artist wished to create with Cut Back, but I like it. The image of the American flag triggers feelings of patriotism, but the old girl's looking a little tattered lately.

Other recent additions to the site include the German flag and Mint herb!


Posted by coyle on Thursday, April 03 @ 09:07:23 MDT
FONTS: Two Sets of Dingbats at Font River

FONTS If you like Dingbats, those wacky creations trapped halfway between clipart and fonts, stop by Font River and see the two new sets they have added. Tajunnan tuolla puolen by junkohanhero, contains 26 funky little items. Daniel Zadorozny created Birds of a Feather which features the silhouettes of over 45 various bird.


Posted by coyle on Thursday, March 27 @ 14:13:57 MDT
DESKTOPS: Rampant Mac Posts Desktops and Icons

DESKTOPS My buddy, Scott Chitwood, from Rampant Mac has been creating some interesting new icons. The nine icons in Crystal Wydgets look like little bundles of Oxidizer joy. Also on the Icon Page are Apple Bytes and R1E. Stop by and check them out.


Also at Rampant Mac are a bunch-o-new desktops. Some are photographic, some are Oxidied, and all are outstanding.


Posted by coyle on Thursday, March 27 @ 10:10:21 MDT
DESKTOPS: HAL Desktop from Studio Twenty Eight

DESKTOPS As the SciFi genre continues to morph into Fantasy (think RAMA vs. Harry Potter), the passing this week of Arthur C. Clark is particularly painful. One less great writer to look out towards the stars. Visit Studio Twenty Eight and enjoy the new HAL 9000 desktop.


Posted by coyle on Tuesday, March 25 @ 09:23:05 MDT

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